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  • Off Season
  • detail
  • Rain Dance
  • detail
  • Lingering Winter Hamburg Feb. 2014
  • detail
  • In the Morning I Am So Tall
  • detail
  • Ice Cream Day
  • detail
  • Max and Friends
  • detail
  • Old Dye Works
  • detail
  • Orange Window
  • detail
  • Edge of Morning
  • detail
  • Edge of the Neighborhood
  • detail
  • Country Road
  • detail
  • Barn Next to the Old Milk House
  • detail
  • Cat and Mouse Game
  • detail
  • Milkweed: Food Fit For a Monarch
  • detail
  • Nuzzle Puzzle
  • detail
  • Real Food Grown in Healthy Soil
  • detail
  • Spilled Red
  • detail
  • Tattered Flags and Snow Shadows
  • detail
  • Old Factory
  • detail

In the Morning I Am So Tall
Fabric and found object collage 20 x 17

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What Is An Art Quilt and How Do I Hang It?

Art Quilts

Modern Art Quilts burst upon the art scene in the 1970ís, following the 1971 Whitney Museum of American Art in New York presentation: Abstract Design in American Quilts.

Jonathan Holstein, quilt historian, summarized the work of the new quiltmakers this way: “Quilt makers did in effect paint with fabrics, laying on colors and textures.”

Since then modern Art Quilt artists have established several national shows, Quilt National being the most prominent. It is a biennial juried competition initiated in 1979, held in the Dairy Barn Art Center in Athens, OH. There are also numerous journals such as Quilting Arts Magazine, and many books pertaining to Art Quilts. The founding of Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA) in 1989 was a huge step forward for the art form. (

What exactly is an art quilt? An original design with two or three layers, stitched together through all layers for the majority of the surface. I primarily use raw edge applique in my work, adhered with heat activated fusing. I like a combination of hand and machine quilting.

Hanging your Art Quilt

If the piece is mounted or framed, there is a wire in the back. You hang it like any painting. If it is a free standing quilt, a hanging sleeve is sewn on the back, through which runs a thin wood slat. At the ends of the slat are screw eyes. You measure the distance between the screw eyes, and hammer two wire brads (included with purchase) in your wall. Make sure the brads are level with each other. Slip the screw eyes onto the brads.

Care of your Quilt

It is not recommended to hang it in a smoking household unless it is framed. And as with any work of art, it is not recommended to hang it in direct sunlight. Otherwise the work may be hung anywhere. Occasionally you can run a lint roller along the top edge to remove any dust that might have gathered there. If you want to do a thorough cleaning, lay the work down, put a screen on top, and vacuum it through the screen.

How long will your Art Quilt last? Answer: a very long time! Enjoy.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me. Martha Ressler 412.445.7359 (text or voice).

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