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The paintings in this gallery were hung in my August 2007 show “Cityscapes and Escapes” at Trinity Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.

“Taking a Break” sold shortly before the show officially opened. The owner of Cromie Machine commissioned the second painting “Cromie Machine,” which has a very different feel. The first painting was created mid-winter, while the second in the height of summer.

The study “Carnegie Street” was completed early in the preparations for this series; it sold prior to completing the series.

  • Taking a Break
  • April Evening
  • Cromie Machine
  • Four Graves
  • Quickly Moving Storm at Hartwood Acres
  • I Wesnt through that Gate for 25 Years
  • Doorway at the Bathhouse
  • Morning on Lake Erie, Acrylic on Canvas
  • Morning on 50th Street
  • Houses on Hatfield Street
  • Row Houses, Hatfield Steeet
  • Lilac Bush on Dresden Way
  • Playground on Holmes Street
  • Abandoned Factory
  • Bandera Street
  • Shed on the Ressler Farm
  • Kummt rei un sitzt wennich
  • Cobalt Way
  • Snowy Steps
  • Walking on 48th Street
  • Braiding Hair (Comfort)
  • Cowan’s Gap State Park
  • Cowan’s Gap State Park
  • Cowan’s Gap State Park
Photo gallery
Taking a Break
11 X 14, Acrylic on Canvas

  • Copyright 2008, Martha Ellen Ressler