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Hot Spots are Fun Spots

These decorative hot pads in the Amish Star design add fun and color to any kitchen or dining room. Available in a variety of colors and patterns. They are like snowflakes, NO TWO ARE ALIKE! The few shown here are just a sample of the endless possibilities.

  • O H
  • O H
  • O H
  • O H
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Navy with Orange Rim

Friendship Wine Totes & Small Gift Totes

Here is another great gift idea! When you take a bottle of wine with you to dinner as a guest bring it in one of my wine totes, and leave the tote so your host can return the gesture with someone else.

They are also great for taking a bottle or two to your favorite BYOB eatery.

  • Wine Tote
  • Wine Tote 2
  • Wine Tote detail

Hot Spots Too

These are fun hot pads, some call them ’Subversive,“ sporting wry humor about the odd quirks that can turn up in family life.

  • hot spot 2
  • hot spot 2

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