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Painting Scene on
Kitchen Roof

Pointers from
Ron Donoughe

Cowan's Gap

Much of my work is "Plein Air." That is, I paint in the open air, whether by a lake or on a street corner. Perhaps the main inspiration for my artistic bent was my late mother, Mary Dice Pettit, an accomplished painter who frequently painted outdoors.

Pittsburgh artists are lucky to have an organization of Plein Air painters inspired by and organized by Ron Donoughe. Ron is my main influence as a painter. He has taught me how to see the light, values, and shapes of a scene to make a painting stand out.

In the last year I have enjoyed depicting the drama of molten metal and men working. I work as an administrative assistant at McConway & Torley. After the company learned of my artwork, they commissioned me to paint key aspects of the casting and finishing process. This turned out to be 15 paintings, 11 of which are installed in a large collage at the company's Lawrenceville facility.
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