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Threads of the Human Story.
Inspired by a satellite photo of the world at night. Fused fabric pieces, machine & hand embroidery, stamping, fabric paint, hand made paper, hand made cloth pieces from Ghana, Cambodia & Thailand collected for this piece.
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38 X 26.

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About Contemporary Art Quilts

Contemporary Art Quilts (also called “contemporary quilts” or “fiber art” or “soft paintings”) trace their roots to early American quilting. Today fiber artists use a con­temp­orary approach to color, design materials, and surface de­coration. Made from fabric and similar ma­te­rials, Art Quilts are composed of at least two layers: “face” and “backing.” These are stitched by hand or ma­chine through all layers for most of the piece.

Modern art quilts have taken their place as fine art in galleries, homes, and offices.

The textures and effect are unique to this art form.

Several earlier quilts and transitional pieces are featured on the fiber col­lage page on this site. Be sure to click on the word “Detail” under thumbnail to bring up image of detail from quilt in image window.

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