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“When the Sky Rained Fire”

(and other works)

One Woman Show at Trinity Gallery, 2011

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  • Tapping Steel
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  • Still Life Blow Out
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  • Attraction
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  • Urban Relics
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  • By the Light of the Moon
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When the Sky Rained Fire

Show Card.
To get the most out of this web presentation: click on a thumbnail image on the left side to view larger image on the right. Click your mouse on detail to view a detail, comment see a comment by Martha on the piece, or comment for Inspirations for the piece.

“When the Sky Rained Fire”(and other works)

When Pittsburgh was in its heyday of steel production, a few artists saw the smoke, fire, filtered light and toiling bodies as subjects for their art.

Through paintings, etchings and drawings, they caught the drama unfolding before them, not realizing that it would nearly come to an end in less than 100 years. These are works in fiber inspired by the art of Jean-Emile Laboureur, Otto Kuhler, Raymond Simboli, Aaron Harry Gorson, and others. The fabric medium itself seemed to me to invite touches of fantasy and inventiveness.

Plus of course I am looking through the softening filter of time and distance. Many of these pieces use fabrics altered to reflect my own experience with industry, and living in an industrial area.

I include here a closeup detail of each piece to help the viewer to better appreciate the three-dimensionality of each piece, and, hopefully, replicate as closely as possible in the digital format the experience of viewing the original. Click on detail under each piece to see a close-up shot of a section of particular interest.

As in the gallery show, here I include reference copies of the original works that inspired each piece to help boost the viewer's art history appreciation. You can access these by clicking on Inspiration under the thumbnails where the word appears. There is a secondary theme in this show: enigmatic figurative pieces that invite viewer interpretation.

In some cases I add a speacial comment about particular pieces, these can be accessed by clicking on comment where it appears beneath a thumbnail.

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